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" If there is a place where all dreams have found a home since the first days when man began to dream, then it is India. "

Romain Rolland



Namasté - Welcome to the India House, your online shop for traditional Indian items such as woolen scarves, sari's and silk towels


Let yourself be inspired by the meditative beauty of Buddha and Krishnafiguren and experience the sensuality of elegant sari and colorful pillow cases and brocade pillows .

We invite you to take a walk through our extensive range of fragrant incense sticks , South Indian temple bells , ayurvedic teas and fine silk fabrics .

Another living testimony of traditional Indian craftsmanship is our hand- printed Kalamkaridecken and Kalamkari pillow cases . We also offer beautiful balmy costumes of the Indian dance culture as well as Indian god figure figures in dance position or meditative attitude.

With our wide range of over 700 high-quality items , we would like to give you a small insight into the millennial old culture of India .

We wish you lots of fun

Your India House

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